Matthew Hodge Adventurous, Interested in investment or entrepreneurship, Hungry

Last updated on July 24th, 2017

I am an electrician for a smaller but very competitive and profitable electrical contractor. The owner is tired of the responsibilities of being an... More

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Akhil Drake Aspiring entrepreneur with over 118+ Ideas

Last updated on July 23rd, 2017

I have come up with new type of hardware and software ideas , and I figured out that I better of rather need patents. I can use my money and start... More

SURAJ BISHT Entrepreneur with a business mindset

July 23rd, 2017

I want app developer for my idea so should they need to sign NDA to guarantee the protection of my idea

Tony Vinayak Building and Monetizing Software Products & Services

Last updated on July 22nd, 2017

Hi all, Any suggestions for a free or low-cost teleconferencing & screen-share facility for meetings? I have enjoyed Webex, GotMeeting, Skype... More

Matt Welland Design Engineer

July 21st, 2017

I have an idea (yeah, I know, don't we all) that seems like it might be worth turning into a product. I built a prototype and it works nicely. I did... More

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Freddy Gonzalez Milanes

July 21st, 2017

We are a business established for more than 10 years and we would like to grow the business by creating new divisions in the company to offer products... More

Chi Chi Founder looking for bright and creative people.

Last updated on July 21st, 2017

I am working on an app and before I get an investor I would like to create an interactive online demo to showcase the app's functions and to use as... More

Sean Shoffstall Experienced founder starting up something new

July 19th, 2017

We are looking to hire our first employees and wanted to get the communities advice on how much compensation should be made up of equity? Our first... More

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Shane O’Donnell

Last updated on July 19th, 2017

We just soft launched our new start up recently. We have been told numerous times by potential investors that our operating team/officers don't have... More

John Negron Profit and Purpose Homie

Last updated on July 19th, 2017

We are rushing to get a prototype out but now we're moving it to private for a few rounds of beta testing with real users. We've applied to some accelerator... More

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